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              CHAPTER 10 
CRUSHING                                     THE STRONG MAN                                      TOGETHER

Ken Blanchard wrote that "none of us is as smart as all of us." 

The banking cartel, with their credit card weapons, thought they would out-think us and out-maneuver us.


Little did they know that they would face the power of a well-put-together team of millions who can conquer and, together, win over their scam!

                      Goliath came down!

Michael Jordan said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

I am in this one to win the championship, aren't you?

Let's march strong together, as a team.


Let's win together, with intelligence, as a team.

Lacrosse Huddle

     Visualize the collapse of the scam

When we take a community stand, a global stand that begins in our "collective mind," then the materialization of physical action follows the seed-development of our mind.

Granted that it may not happen anytime soon, I believe it needs to start with the slashing down of the usurious aspect of the industry.


Think of the entire industry as a fat, gigantic thug. It is a monstrous troublemaker, overweight with excessive fees, no doubt.

It is a muscular and robust bandit due to the intake of exorbitant, astronomical interest rates. The beast is money-fat and very overweight with billions and billions

of usurious dollars that it has swallowed over the decades. 


Overall, the thug is dirty and stained. Why? Because of all the tricks and schemes, it has played on consumers. Indeed, a crummy, greasy, hairy, ugly bearded brute.

A stinky, smelly, and vicious invisible creature.


The spirit of the monetary vagabond does not respect people's lives but rather steps on them insensibly. 

This is the spirit beast we are going after.

Office Conference

Call others to action

Massive action begins in small groups.


It then disperses to larger gatherings, it then grows into visible meetings of substantial crowds and then, like a forest fire, fans the flame towards the multitudes.

After analyzing the overall picture for years, it must start one by one. If everyone comes on board, though, you may be the mover and shaker to get scores of hundreds, perhaps thousands, to boycott the utilization of credit cards.


Imagine if it got to millions? Wouldn't that be a fantastic turnaround for all of us?


The recapturing of our money, yes! And, for the banking cartel, their loss. No longer able to take our money.


"The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy."  Sun Tzu

Martial Arts with Samurai Swords
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