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Chapter 11 - THE PURE SOLUTION OF CASH:                                             KEEP IT AND MULTIPLY IT

"Money is the answer to everything." (Ecclesiastes 10:19)

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               Not a credit problem but an income problem

Most people's problem is not a credit problem but rather an income problem. People need education in the production of cash, building money, and multiplying cash.

Two leather suitcases filled with cash

Suppose that today an attorney representing one of your distant relatives shows up at your front door.

You notice that he has with him two extra-large leather suitcases. He identifies himself.


He is there to let you know that your relative just passed away and that he is here to communicate to you some important things. He shows you legitimate paperwork from his law firm. You review details of the power of attorney, notary seals, and your relative's last will.

Surprised as you are, you let him in, along with his two big leather suitcases.

He opens them, and your eyes pop! Cash galore like you have never seen in your life!

The attorney goes on to tell you that "your relative always appreciated you and loved you.

He just died a month ago, so he has left all this money for you. I'm just here to deliver it and get your original signatures to validate the transaction."


Your eyes cannot believe it. Indeed, you validate the amounts, and yes, it is two million dollars in cash, pure cash! You are elated.


All this cash is for you. 


Cash solves everyday practical needs

What would you do with that kind of cash today?

Will it solve some financial problems that you or your loved ones may be facing? Of course, it would. 


You do not need any credit cards or loans with that kind of cash.

You do you agree with that, right?


I want you to grasp the feeling of having so much cash at your disposal.

                                         Can you feel and imagine the financial security in that?

                                                                                   Can you think of the financial confidence money provides?

                                                What about having that kind of financial protection?

      "The protection of wisdom is like the protection of money
                     and the advantage of knowledge is that
                wisdom preserves the life of him who has it."
                                  (Ecclesiastes 7:12)  

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