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Chapter 9 • THE 12 STEPS

I acknowledge that many unexpected circumstances cause financial hardship in people's lives. Unfortunately, in most cases, the innocent intention of "patching up a financial hole" translates into the desperate choice to take out a loan or open a credit card to resolve the pressing financial matter.

The action of quickly finding a solution, as if it were a quick, magical remedy because of the nature of the urgent situation, leads the human mind to be tricked into thinking, "it will work out this way."

                                                                                   I say not so!

Your financial mind, psychologically speaking, gets outmaneuvered. You go with your best-intended strategy "hopefully it will work out" plan, and then reality hits you.

What happens? The repayment becomes a tough, uphill, steep climb. Your inner voice says, "pay, pay, pay," so you keep climbing, "come on! pay, pay, pay!" wanting to get to the debt-free" summit.

                             But to your self-deceived surprise, you never get there.

Understanding that you were lured into the financial pool of debt  ̶ regardless of the events that took place that led you to fall in there ̶  now, you can do something about it and free yourself!

People with Masks


Have you heard the definition of insanity by Albert Einstein? That brilliant mind said that insanity is

                                                                                                                                "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."


Have you broken out of the "hamster-on-the-wheel" cycle that does not go anywhere?


Unless you "step out of the financial whirlwind where you have been spinning around like a cuckoo psychiatric patient,"

                                                                                                                                     you will keep on "spinning your wheels on ice" and never advance!


Are you tired of always being disempowered, always talking, talking with yourself about the mental stress of your debt,

                                                                                        constantly wishing to be debt-free but failing to take brave action to get out of debt fully? 


                                                                                                             So, understand, act and conquer!


This principle of insanity applies to any relationship where the repetitive toxicity patterns always keep on repeating themselves.

                                                                                                               The toxic way must be broken with grit in a decisive action that demands radical change.


Picture yourself as a fearless samurai warrior taking the katana (samurai sword), looking into the eye of the credit card beast, and in one swing, "whack" the beheading of the beast.


                              Unless you break the toxic patterns of credit card debt, you will fail to heal and mature financially.

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