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Chapter 2 - A scam? What is it

A scam is a dishonest scheme, a fraudulent activity usually characterized by deceit. The term started being used in the 1960s.          Its origin is unknown but seems to be a term predominantly used in

our modern culture.


It is a good old American slang word.

Boy Throwing Basketball

Its origin stems from the carnival experience.


Do you have childhood memories of going to the country fair? I do!


Can you picture in your mind the balloon and dart game? Think of the bottle stand. Do you recall the basketball rim, that extremely tight rim? What about the dunk tank, the ring toss, the water gun, the skeeball, or the shooting gallery, to name a few of them? 

You would give it his best shot and try your best, right? After one fail, you had “the bug” to try again and perhaps, maybe, just one more try!


Those games were there to get you excited and for you to have a good time at the carnival. 

The enthusiasm would kick in, and it would light up your adrenalin. Remember?


And then, you found that you lost.


Why did you lose? That's how they designed it! 

                     The game was rigged. It was a scam.


                                          Yup. You were scammed at the carnival!

Sad children
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