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Chapter 1 - Why a book like this one 

So, why would I write a book like this one?

First, to educate as many as can read and listen to their inner voice with deep sensitivity. Secondly, to create awareness by exposing the truth of what others just like you are going through. Thirdly, to heal the current wounds of the fallen victims to the deception of the credit card. And, fourthly to heighten prevention so we can warn others to stay away from debt and

the credit card bottomless pit.  

In Negotiation

The small agreement that comes with the credit card subscription

How many people read the little stapled-in-the-middle paper agreement that comes with the credit card over the mail? The answer is very few. The written type found in the said agreement is too small. They have complicated terms in writing within. And, they have asterisks in certain parts of the pamphlet that lead you to even smaller print! Frustrating. No doubt, it is done intentionally.

Why would banks and credit card companies present the credit card agreement in such a small size?


Simple answer. They want to keep consumers in the dark. The more they can keep consumers away from knowledge, the more money they will make.

                                                                "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

                                                                                              (Hosea 4:6)

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