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Valid questions that needed truthful answers

Over the years, many good questions arose.


What is credit?  •  How did the credit scoring system start in the U.S.?  •  What is an interest rate?  


How much interest should a credit grantor charge a consumer?  •  What is a reasonable interest rate, and what is not?   


When did we get the first credit card in our country?  


How is it that the credit card industry has tricked so many people through lies and has entrapped them into modern financial slavery?

What are the different ways people who are in debt can escape their economic suffocation?  

Why is it that so many people have attempted suicide?  •  So many have tragically actually taken

their own lives because of a crushing financial debt they could no longer sustain?  

So many questions would come to mind all the time. Many others had to do with the banking industry.


How do banks operate?  •  How do they make their money?  •  How is it possible that our governmental authorities are allowing interest rates as high as 600% or more to be structured into unsecured loans?   


What can we do as consumers to reverse the patterns of financial decay

in our modern U.S. credit system? 


What will this look like for future generations if things don’t get better?

Blade of Grass

“How much better to get wisdom than gold,

to get insight rather than silver!” (Proverbs 16:16)

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