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Father and Son Flying a Drone
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“If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity,

you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%.”

(Warren Buffett)

Business congress

Message from the heart 


If you have been reading this book and have gotten to this point, you have seen the alarming truths that I have uncovered here, from the first pages until these last ones.


I have shown you where the people are hurting and need healing for their future financial lives.


I have zipped open the hearts and financial minds of our people for you to behold.


I am a deep believer in capitalism and human progress.


I encourage successful development through the spirit of entrepreneurship.

I acknowledge that it is the engine behind our economy.


But I must blatantly ask you this.


Do we have a domestic enemy attacking our nation through the nasty, evil spirit of usury?


Have you recognized how it is crushing the hope of financial advancement in American lives?


Has that asphyxiating spirit of exploitation been profiting only a few selected individuals at the top?


Where are the strongholds?


Please investigate. Uncover the truth and act on it. Please!


Who has dark and secretive alliances and with whom the persistence of the scam advances?


Did we, at some point in our history, inadvertently cause the transference of the spirit of racial slavery that used to crush our negro brethren, to shift over to the spirit of financial slavery that is now oppressing millions of souls in our country?

What can you, as public servants, start doing about this now?

What game are we allowing to be played in some states where there are no usury laws, geographical regions serving as safe harbors, and business beds for usurious companies so they can thrive and financially rape the masses?

In the name of the people of the land, dear friends in high places of political influence, hear the cries of the people, hear them loud and listen to them.


They are ringing out with desperation, “Help us!”


Message from the heart 


How much more is more?

Where does the end of your insatiable hunger stop?

How many more simple-hearted, good people do

you need to step on as you eagerly keep on climbing to the endless top of the mountain of greed?

You are self-deceived in thinking that your many secrets are hidden from the public. You have a failed integrity that manifests itself when you are imprudent of asset-liability mismatches on the balance sheets of your books.

You constantly support asset-liability mismatches by your clients to make your numbers. You lend money to people who cannot pay and will not pay you, so you can still generate more outstanding debt.


Also, you engage in off-balance-sheet lending, a practice that your mentors warned you not to play with and to avoid.

And, often, you get caught in the cycle of virtuous and vicious dynamics—one more mind pattern in your risk and rewards analogies. You keep on driving endless numbers through your money castles with your dreams and fantasies. 

Other deadly sins that characterize your inner circles are usually envy, lust, gluttony, greed, pride, sloth, and of course, wrath.

Should we include the lack of attention that you pay to the endless complaints that you get from your “customer base?”

And how much are you doing to respond with genuine care and correct the complaints?

Should I mention the fraud that is committed at basically every level?

To all of you who are part of the banking clubs and the money-making mafias, I am charging you to reconsider your ways and make a healthy U-turn.


Go back to purity before your corruption overpowered you before you were engulfed in the spirit of greed when the beast threw its net at you and captured you!

Samurai Sword

Message from the heart 


We are facing millions of debt-increasers and profit-accumulator warriors who serve their masters in the ranks of the banking industry and the scam spirit of credit card companies.

Their mission is to invade the lives of as many families as possible and as many consumers as possible.

And what is their final objective? Profit, profit, profit from them and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze out of them as much money as can come into their money vaults.

They are economic offenders!

There may be millions of greedy, money-driven warriors out there but, little do they know that they stand up against an army of liberators.

We may be small, but we are courageous men and women.

It only takes one David with faith, courage, and a precise slingshot to take down a Goliath.

We warn consumers to avoid falling into the various financial traps of the polluted credit card industry.

And we are here to save those who have already fallen into the hands of the money predator spirit that dominates the money world.

We are on a mission

We have set ourselves against the beast. 

And now, to no one’s surprise, the provoked beast is starting to get furious. That is great!


Let the beast know that we are all out here, seeking its ultimate defeat.

We are plowing together for the complete decimation of the monster and all its allies.


This we are doing together also to defeat its covetous soldiers.


One by one, they are coming down.


We are on a mission not just to defeat the enemies but to rescue as many captives as possible!


Stay strong in the daily battle, soldiers, as you help your people.

     Love the people

                     and love the work.

“It is a proud privilege to be a soldier –a good soldier—with discipline,
self-respect, pride in his unit and his country, a high sense of duty and obligation to comrades and to his superiors, and a self-confidence
born of demonstrated ability,”

George S. Patton Jr.

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