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Chapter 8 • MESSAGE OF ENCOURAGEMENT                                                                    TO VICTIMS OF THE SCAM

Make your inner-voice mental decision to stop using credit cards. Have you already fallen into the trap? Well, now you can come out of it, and you will come out of it successfully.


You ran into this book because you have been looking for a way out of the stress and oppression. You have been overwhelmed because of being in debt with so many cards.

The way you start to have victory over the credit card trap is by making a firm decision on your mind, bringing down your ax of commitment, and saying, “I am not going to use these credit cards anymore!”


That is it.


Such a decision is the beginning of a grand slam in psychological warfare.


You start winning by declaring, “I am done with these credit cards!”

Sunset Run
Sunset Run

Cut up and destroy                       the plastic itself

You must be courageous and cut up your credit cards.


Yes, you must do it.


Take out some scissors and cut through the plastic multiple times. You may want to throw away the little pieces or do something creative with them as I did myself with some credit cards that I tore up.


When it is time to act, cut them up! Have no hesitation. 


Do it now.  Do not wait another day.  Today is your day of deliverance.


Now is your time to step into a new season in your financial life.

Share this book’s knowledge with others

Now that you have been taking in some excellent knowledge on these extensive topics, I want to motivate you to pass it on to others.

Is there something that has grabbed your attention in this book? Great!


Make it your own and share it with those close to you.

By multiplying the exposure of this book, we will multiply awareness in consumers so they may get out of the credit card scam and not fall

for the trap anymore.

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