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I am the author of this book that is  becoming                         a powerful financial educational tool

              to empower endless numbers of consumers.

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   Certified Financial   Education Instructor

The birth of this book

Over the years, I have worked in business development. In April of 2016, a job opportunity opened with a company that assists consumers in resolving their financial debt. I had never been in that specific industry. I took on the challenge and started taking my first baby steps. I went into it with total confidence and absolute certainty, bolted down

unto an unshakable foundation.


Keeping out of my mind any seeds of doubt, I gave myself the charge of learning the basics with careful attentiveness. I made myself grow through the learning curve and prosper in my new role with

actual effectiveness!


The years have passed, and I can humbly write

that I have attained proven success. I have assisted thousands of clients to say goodbye to millions of dollars of burdensome, mind-crushing, painful debt.         


I have gotten equipped with more knowledge than the average person. Why? For no particular reason other than the work I do. I immerse myself daily in

this trait! I can now have an intelligent, truthful, honest conversation regarding this vital topic of personal finance. Furthermore, I can stir consumers down

the right pathway.                             

I love teaching those who are hungry for this specialized knowledge!



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